Did I just kill my TAZ 6?

I went to remove a blob on the nozzle with some tweezers. As I am making contact with the nozzle everything goes dead. The red power light comes on, but nothing else. Did I just short out my power supply? The only fuse I see is a 15amp blade on the board and it is fine.

Please help, I love this printer.

You just blew a fuse most likely. If you bridge the heater core wires to the nozzle with the auto leveling, BAD THINGS occur. You’ll want to replace the two small grain of rice sized fuses inside the control box on the rambo board. The larger bed fuse should be ok. If you are still under warranty a call to support might not be a bad idea.

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I emailed support and then took a multi-meter to start checking continuity. By the time I moved everything to get to the panel and had removed it, I got a response from Tech Support. Piercet, you are correct, I blew Fuse F3: Logic, Heat, Fans according to this picture: http://reprap.org/wiki/File:Ramb1-2-fuses.jpg

The thing I love is they included links to replacement fuses from 4 different suppliers in the email response. Talk about above and beyond.

NEW RULE #1: NO metal anywhere near the nozzle when the power is connected. EVER!

any chance you would copy paste the sources for those fuses, I would like to get a few spares on hand

This just happened to me. Would love to get links too if anyone has them while I hunt around for more info.

I did a similar thing using a wire brush in the nozzle. Keep those tweezers handy as you are going to need them once you see the size of the fuse you are going to have to replace. Should be a law against producing such a small object that fat fingers may have to be used. :slight_smile:

I placed my Amazon order but am now looking for a place I might find one in an actual store, on a Sunday, in the Bay area.

Too bad I can’t just jam a penny in there, or a gum wrapper. :wink:

If you are needing to buy the fuses locally, the small white fuse holders are Little Fuse OMNI-BLOCK fuse holders. They are compatible with NANO2 Fuses. Fast or very fast acting are recommended. An example part number for replacement fuses is 0448005.MR

did you ever find an actual store in the Bay Area that sells these little fuses? I also live in the Bay Area and need to get a new small 5am fuse.

Autozone or orileys will have them. If you really can’t let me know. I’m in the north bay and have tons.

awesome, thanks!! I’ll check those out today.

I just made this tragic mistake! HA! Anyone have links or suggestions for ordering these fuses? I’m currently overseas and just trying to get some help in finding these mini fuses.

Lulzbot store - https://www.lulzbot.com/store/parts/5-amp-nano-polyfuse-x3

Can also try the usual outlets, Amazon and e-bay.