importing .slt file from Rhino

I have an object the I drew in Rhino 5. I saved it as a .slt file and imported it into Cura. However, the size is all wrong. How do you import it so that it keeps it’s size integrity?


Hamp Stevens

Hi Hamp,

Cura uses milimeters as the default (and only) measurement unit. All you should need to do is export the model using mm, which is typically a preference/setting in most CAD packages. Please let us know if that works.

I had the same issue, scaling up by a factor of 25.4 (converting inches to millimeters) was the cure. You can set up rhino to use a default template, and for that template to be in millimeters. IIRC Rhinos default metric template was too fine for printing, so I use one that graduated a millimeter into fourths.