Incompatible profiles available from Lulzbot?

I’m trying to use some of the profiles available here but none of them seem to work. I’m getting a message that says : “Reported version 1 but expected version 2”.

The instructions on the page are also wrong, so I’m going to guess that page is crazy out of date.

Can anyone help me so I don’t have to input all those values one by one?

If there is any definition of what is on version 1 and version 2 I’ll even make a free online tool to convert them, but I can’t find any info on this.


You are correct, the page is “crazy out of date”, “…only compatible with Cura LE v21.08 and below”.

The latest version of CuraLE comes with profiles / materials already installed and I think you will find that there are more profiles / materials than are available on the page you referenced.