New Cura version 2.5 Profile for Taz 6

Anyone here tried the new Cura 2.5. Where can I file the Taz 6 profile to import to the new Cura? Default list doesn’t have Lulzbot.

I have tried it and I have found it to be much more than just loading a profile. There are interacting/interdependent directories that I copied from the Alpha version of the 2.43 test release. But I can select which Lulzbot printer I want, along with the materials and quality settings now. Now I am slowly trying to figure out the theme settings so I can make it the pretty green Lulzbot theme. :wink:

You can find our Alpha builds of LulzBot Cura 2 here:

As a note, these are Alpha builds and may still have some issues to work out. If you do run across any issues, please feel free to submit a bug report here:

We have multiple profiles already integrated, however not all of them have been tested/tweaked for quality. Please feel free to submit profile concerns in the profile section linked above.