Hundreds of Print Profiles on TAZ 6?

How is this possible? Is this in Cura or Marlin? Can you put this on a TAZ 5?

Where do I get this upgrade does anyone know :slight_smile:


The print profiles are built into Cura LulzBot Edition. That version of Cura supports three different LulzBot 3D printers, with potentially 14 different printer:tool head permutations, with 30 different filaments, each of which has at least one different Quickprint profile.

To get the latest tested Quickprint profiles update Cura by checking

If you’d like to see what goes into our profiles, they can be found here: and

These are all the profiles for all LulzBot printers in Cura. So it includes older machines and multiple profiles for various materials (e.g. ABS has three profiles). In sum:

/usr/share/cura/resources/quickprint/lulzbot_profiles$ find . -type f | wc -l

Is Cura v19 just for the new TAZ 6? or can I install it to use with my Taz 5?


It’s for all models, and non-lulzbot printers too…