Infill stuck at 100%

I am using a taz 5 (all stock parts and .5 nozzle with 2.85 filament) at work with Cura lulzbot edition 3.6.40. Just loaded it on a new computer and am now having issues with it being stuck at 100% infill.

If I drop the infill down to 20% (which is what I want to use), the time doubles and still prints at 100%. If I raise it to 100%, time gets cut in half and infills 100%.

This has not happened before and I have been using this printer for years on and off.

Anybody got any ideas as to why it would be doing this?

Trying to add pics below, not sure if it works though.

Try switching from your custom profile to the “Standard” and see if that corrects it.

Thanks for the quick response.

I ended up uninstalling the older cura and downloaded the most recent one and everything is working fine. Not sure why I didn’t try that at first. All good here.