INOVA 1800 & Taz 6, issue with 3D Benchy

I am trying to print with INOVA 1800 on my new Taz 6. Have printed multiple test prints with PLA and nvent. Running into an issue printing 3D Benchy with INOVA 1800. Attached photos shows the last two attempts. The print gets attached to the nozzle and starts pulling it. This is my 7th or 8th print in total, so brand new. Any suggestions on how to trouble shoot or what to look for would be appreciated.

Sorry to hear about these adhesion issues, let’s see what we can do to improve it.

We recommend using a thin layer of PVA gluestick for Inova 1800, a clear Elmers gluestick will work great. Some other materials will require a gluestick as well, for reference see page 30 of the Taz 6 manual: it will list what materials we recommend to use a gluestick with. That table will also go over the bed and nozzle temperature for each material, which is also important for good adhesion.

I hope that helps.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I tried to print again and used a very thin layer of UHU gluestick. Was called out on INNOVA’s website. I can try Elmer’s too.

3D Benchy:
The INNOVA 1800 (Lulzbot Green) still peels slightly and then the nozzle caught the print when it got to the roof.

I switched back to Village Plastics PLA (Blue) and was able to get a 3D Benchy and a Test Cube to print. There are some intermediate layer issues. I assume with practice I can overcome them.

After the PLA printed okay. I then decided to try INNOVA 1800 again. It failed due to adhesion. Aborted print. Switched out the Filament to PLA.

Thoroughly cleaned the print bed with 70% Alcohol. Started a new PLA and having adhesion issues.

Going to wipe down the PEI again. Assume I need a new one? I have only printed about 10 items since I got the printer. Should it break down this fast?


It’s a bit hard to see in the last photograph, but it looks like your Z-axis offset is a little high. Your first layer is a bit thicker than what it could be. A close up picture would help. You can use the steps in this guide (written for a Mini), to tweak your TAZ first layer height:

I have tried the Z-axis offset with Village Plastics PLA and seem to be getting better results. I am going to try and with other Filament types.
The factory setting was -1.2. After a bit of trial and error I am at -1.3 with the PLA. As I have been doing a number of test prints, I noticed that the nozzle being clean is critical. Even after cleaning it still seems to pickup a bit of filament when printing the skirt. Then drag it a bit.

In noticed that the gear on the extruder seems to be wearing down a bit. See the attached photos. Is this normal or does something need to be adjusted?

That’s fine, a tiny bit of debris is normal.