inova 1800, CHROMA STRAND

Does anyone has printed with inova 1800, i having trouble with the bed, and the flow

Sure have! But I use S3D as the guy who makes it does also. But I can share our S3D settings with you if you want to try getting anything out of them. :sunglasses:

There are Inova profiles for Cura available on the development site though.

For Inova 1800, I set my nozzle temp to 240°, bed to 70°, flow to 90%, filament diameter to 2.85, and z offset to 0.15. Those setting seem to work well on my Mini.


I’m getting a lot of stringiness with this stuff, on our TAZ 5 with .5 nozzle, using Lulzbot Cura 20.01, and starting from the Lulzbot Cura standard high-detail profile . Here’s a rocktopus at 50% scale. I’ve lowered the temperature as low as 235, increased retraction from 4 to 5, lowered the z hop to .075. No real differences except the overall quality when I increased the retraction was poor (the one pictured).
I do have S3D but have no idea where to start with a profile for that. I’m trying to print an iphone lens mount for an ophthalmologist that seems to have pretty close tolerances when assembling the parts, so I thought this would be a good filament choice.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

Here is the one I use for S3D. I have not used it for several months now as I ran out. :blush: (3.01 KB)

Thanks! Yeah - it’s expensive so I hate to waste it. I’ll give this a try.

Bbbbbut it comes in a pretty box!!

[quote=“kmanley57”]Here is the one I use for S3D. I have not used it for several months now as I ran out. :blush:
Using this S3D profile is an improvement, but it’s till seriously stringy. Anyone have any suggestions?

I had very little stringing on the little devil I printed above at the time. But I could have altered the profile while making one for the Taz 6 when I got it.

I can try and find the original file I got from the guy whom makes the filament. :sunglasses:

I tried a small, simple print using Inova - 1800 today and it looks horrible. I am trying to print the USB support brace that can be found here.

However, when I printed it, it looks like this:

I used the profile for Inova - 1800 that is included in CURA 20, standard resolution. I’m guessing that the profile’s print temp of 245 is way too high. I will try the settings suggested by CoParaTech

Second attempt w/ new settings

245/70 flow @ 90%

Same result…sloppy

I use 240 for the 1st Layer, and 235 for other layers.

Cooling Fans off on layers 1-3, 30% layer 4, and 50% layer 5 and up.

Simplify 3D, but shouldn’t matter.


From the pictures, it almost looks like it’s over extruding? Also, what speed are you printing at?

With a TAZ 6 and Simplify3D, my hotend is 250 C and bed is 70 C. My fans kick on to 30% at layer 3 and stay there, but I vary this depending on the size of the part. My spool of blue filament also averages out to about 2.80 mm, so this is the value I use. I have noticed that this filament does fluctuate in diameter a bit.

I’m using CURA 20 and the included profile for Inova 1800 on “standard” resolution.

Print speed: 50 mm/s
Print Temp: 245
Bed Temp: 75

I tried again and reduced the print speed to 40 mm/s with no discernible difference in print quality.

I looked at the S3D Innova-1800 profile I got from the kind C.S.L. person, and I am printing at a 26MM/sec print speed. YMMV! But try printing slower, and I know the amount of the retraction distance affects print quality also(personal experience).