Interesting Print Failure

Hello, I recently had a print failure that I have not seen before.
Due to the design of the model, there is only a small portion touching the base, and the rest is on support structure. It seems that the print has warped somehow. Perhaps the large body of the print is too far away from the heated surface? Im not sure what would cause the part to pull its self away from the bed. Ive never had anything come off the bed before, in my experience every print is stuck HARD to the surface.
Any ideas? Thanks

That print experianced “lifting” which is usually found wiht ABS prints that contract away from the heated bed due to inadequate bed temperature and too much cooling. In this particular case you have a large surface area of what is essentially radiative support fins that are cooling that section of the plastic much faster than the upper mass. That is going to be a tricky one to fix. I’d try extruding a full outer 0.5mm support wall to encapsulate the plastic once it gets to that level, increase the bed temperature (if this is abs, try 110c) and even if this is ABS, try adding as much cooling fan as you can get away with once it reaches the main part to prevent edge contraction. Too much fan and you will get bad interlayer adhesion, too little in that particular configuration and you will get lifting. Even if this is PLA thats probably still enough cooling surface area that it’s going to cool wierd and torque itself without a stronger bed temperature and an outer wall.

Thanks for the reply,
That does make sense, I am printing with PETG which i believe is the same as nGEN, which ive had good experience with as far as having no warping or lifting issues so far. This piece appears to have all the features that would cause a print to lift!

That print was on some ultra high-speed settings, thick layers etc. extruding at 230 and heating bed to 85.
In addition to a couple slight model changes, I have added a significant amount of support structure density (to give more contact to the bed), and added a 6 line brim for another test piece.

The final product will need to be solid. In this scenario, do you think a solid piece would add or subtract to the problem?

PETG is generally like PLA when it comes to adhesion and lifting, but it does have a few tendancies towards the ABS side, one of which can tend to be edge cooling on a large part. A solid part in that configuration is probably going to tend to want to lift the edges slightly. you may try raising the bed temperature to 90 and see if that helps too. A full wall support structure at the edge will be the easiest fix.