ABS Lifting

I’ve been having problems with my current print. I am using ABS on a TAZ 5. Filament Temp is 235 and bed temp is 100. After about 7 perfect layers the next layer will not adhere. As you can see from the picture it starts looking like a cheese grader. No fan running. I have never seen this before.

I have rotated the print 90 deg. and no change. Any help would be MUCH appreciated.


Bad filament, wrong bed temperature, wrong fan cooling settings are three possibilities I can think of.

What brand is the filament, how long has it been stored? Also, try changing bed temperature, printing with fan off, and printing with fan full on.

Good advice above, I print ABS at 245- 250, bed at 110 and no fan ever. IF the plastic has not been stored correctly, and has moisture might be a problem I always double bag mine and use desiccant.

I’d check for oils on the bed from a hand. Try cleaning it with Isopropyl Alchohol (make sure the bed is cold) and see if that improves things. Other things that can cause that are a corner off on leveling, or goo on the bearings causing skipping.

Do you have problems with other prints? To me it looks like the junk layer is being printed way too high. Did you try and re-slice the model? It looks to me like it went up in Z more than it should have.

Since its not the layer that sets directly on the bed I doubt if oil or contamination on the bed would be an issue. I would believe bad ABS or material that had been exposed to moisture. Do you have another roll to try… with the same settings.

Update, Thanks for all the input. Since it always happened on the same layer I had to assume it was the Slice. I re-exported the STL and Slic3ed again. I also lowered the layer height to .2 and upped the Temp to 245 deg. It printed perfectly.