Intermittant pausing

I have had a specific file I generated from Sketchup that when it prints it is continually jittering and pausing for a few seconds leaving noticable blobs all over the print. Anyone know why this is happening and what I can do about it? Is it a problem with bad gencode being generated from the STL file. I didn’t see any errors in Cura.

Best guess… I use Sketchup for most of my designs, and it is sometimes tough to avoid non-manifold portions on anything complex. That can confuse the slicer into doing a variety of odd movements, due to odd breaks and missing or misinterpreted surfaces. It’s also possible to have “too much detail” on curves, causing an abundance of tiny moves in gcode that bog things down; recent versions of sketchup limit segments for curves, but it is still possible to create a multitude of small segments if you design large and then scale the model to smaller size.

If it is a manifold issue, there are some settings in most slicers to attempt some “repair”. In Cura2, for example, these are under “Mesh Fixes”. There’s also an online NetFabb processor ( that may help.

Hard to say anything more specific without seeing the sketchup file. Is it something you can post here for others to review?