TAZ6 Printing bump in curve

Im printing a production part and in Cura 3.2.27 and there is a bump that forms in the large curve “see attached”. I dont see this bump in the STL or in Cura when I view the layers. Ive tried downgrading to 2.6.66 and have the same issue. Ive messed with the jerk control and a couple of other setting to no avail.
Flexo Chamber.jpg

Try moving it around the build plate. If it goes away, then its something mechanical with the printer.

If the bump is still in the same place its definitely an anomaly of the slicing. Try a free slicing software (ie Slic3r)… load the resulting gcode into Cura for printer control if necessary.

Did try moving it around the build plate bump in same spot, but if I put multiple on the plate like 6, it’s in the same spot for 3 and a different spot for the other 3.

It might be the start stop location of the layer(s). If you slicer supports it, try to randomize… or create a more predictable seam.

Looks like you might be over-extruding a bit also… check your esteps, or reduce the flow rate / multiplier by 3-5%