Internal Blower Harness on second exturder (TAZ4 to 5)

I am trying to finish upgrading my TAZ4 to TAZ5 and I am confused about one thing. I am adding the internal blower harness, and the instructions were very straight forward. I am adding the internal harness to extruder #2 and the instructions indicate that I should attach it in the same spot where I have the internal blower harness for extruder one attached… so I don’t know where to go from here.

The end goal here, besides just finished the upgrade, is to use the V3 dual extruder. I am following the instructions for installing the dual extruder on the TAZ5, and for adding the internal blower harness to the second port.

A picture of the internals, with me holding the harness and the first harness from port #1 boxed in red.

If you look at the picture in the adding second fan wires you will see in step 11&12 the picture shows your first set of fan wires should be plugged into the connector in the bottom right corner in the picture and the second set of wires plugs into that second connector. But you could plug it in that connector observing the correct wire polarity shown in those pictures.

I don’t see a second connector. In steps 11 & 12 the first connector is where the harness from extruder one is connected and the second connector is the fan for the control box.

I can’t seem to find the link again but I found another tutorial for something where the internal blower harness was hardwired into a power rail, since the fans are “always on”. Because I couldn’t find the link I just wired both harnesses to the same connector, crimping a new connector onto both wires.

I was also trying to reference the actual TAZ5 designs. where are these pins connected in a stock TAZ5? It seems like they might be hardwired into somewhere.

Bottom right corner of the picture you should see the fan connector plugged into a two pin connector that your picture shows no wire/connector on. Look at the bottom row of connectors that all the fans and extruders are plugged into. There is an empty connector just to the right of those, that is where the first fan is normally plugged in at.

Ok I see it. Just for anyone else reading this I uploaded the same photo with the pins highlighted, it is the 5V aux port.
I also found this in the TAZ6 documentation, for extruder 1 (EL-HR0087) and extruder 2 (EL-HR0101). I am assuming the green and yellow wires are the blower but I don’t see it explicitly called that.