Internal blower setup for Taz 4 to Taz 5 Upgrade

First, I want to say “THANK YOU” for those who compiled the information on the Taz 4/Taz 5 upgrade that I was able to find.

Now to the point: After purchasing the Internal Blower wires, External Blower wires, version 2C single extruder (the hexagon one) with intentions of upgrading my extruder/hotend from Taz 4 to Taz 5, I am left with an unaddressed issue.

Where can I find information on where to plug in the external blower wire socket to the RAMBO board inside the control box, and to which pins of the circular socket plugs do I run the external/internal blower through?**

The steps I have taken so far are rerouting the wires for the internal blower through the black cable buncher but do not know which pins of the 14-pin circular plug to connect the internal* blower to.

I have looked for about 2 hours and have had no solid results. All help is appreciated!

-Thanks! :slight_smile:

*Updated the post after realizing the internal blower has the longer pair of wires. I just found the closest post to helping me resolve the mystery but I’m still not understanding the answer to the two questions I have. I wish there were instructions with a picture of the socket and wire arrangements for this upgrade.

Another update: There are only 2 possible location to plug the external* blower to. One is to the right of the yellow wires as it appears in the photo. The other is underneath the orange wires.

check here.

It shows where the internal wires should be inserted into the plug and which pins on the RAMBo.

Thank you kmanley57!