Is changing nozzles on the printheads allowed?

I’m testing the HS 1.2mm nozzle and curious if customers can change out the nozzles? Or are these as they are? Or buy another printhead?

While changing the nozzle might void a warranty (contact LulzBot for an official answer), customers do change them.

The procedure is, however, complicated by the fact that high temperatures (200-260C, 400-500F) are involved.

While I have changed a couple, I wouldn’t want to do it on a regular basis. I bought separate tool heads as they are easy to swap (and the tool head can be swapped at room temperature).

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Customers definitely can, but like b-morgan, I don’t change them more frequently than necessary. Especially with the Titan-based heater block/heatbreak/nozzle design, nozzle swaps are just such a potential point of problems that I avoid them. I had a nozzle-X, which I swapped for a Slice Engineering Vanadium nozzle, and last change was to a DiamondBack… which should be the last nozzle I ever need.

I may add another toolhead with the Revo system, since they’re easily changed (cold!) them any time I want a change of speed / detail.

Definite shoutout for the itworks3d H175 Revo toolhead for this. The revo nozzles do top out at .8mm for now, so not quite at the 1.2mm of the HS, but still a good enough high speed balance.

Ok so the gist is they are a complete package and making changes could void warranties.

So ideally, despite the cost, the idea is to use pre-configured toolheads

I just wanted to check

Definitely a plus for the Revo

It wouldn’t void a warranty, they’d have to prove that changing the nozzle broke something - but - if your print quality goes to crap and you break something while changing a nozzle, they don’t have to support that.

If you go Revo, you must do a PID autotune, that thing heats up damn fast!