Is it OK to print PETG on PEI bed?

Just wanted to know if it works and if there is an issue?

I know that Ninjaflex like materials will permanently bond to PEI so that’s a no-no but I don’t know anything about PETG but I just ordered a roll of it as it sounds like it works a lot like ABS but easier to print with less warping.

We haven’t done much printing with PETG (yet) but for a first run, a layer of glue stick may be helpful just incase it does bond like NinjaFlex.

Yes, it is. I would start with a bed temp of 50 and do a couple of test prints. I use 240 for the extruder and 60 for the bed. The prints do stick quite well, even at that lower temp, so i use a single edged razor blade to gently “pop” the print up off the bed. Please post your results if and when you try it.

I really like the flexibility of PETg, although it does make a bit of a mess intially with the really fine “hairs” until i got retract settings more dialed it. PETg requires more attention to the retraction settings that what I usually use, HIPS. I really like the translucence of the red, blue, yellow, green, and orange Esun filaments.

It works well on the bed, but be shure to dial in the z-height (offset) perfectly. If you are to low for the first layer, squishing it into the bed it will be very hard to remove!