Is Lulzbot PEI sheet better than generic?

So am looking at replacing my PEI and the place I use to buy large sheets from no longer carries it. So I noticed that for my TAZ 4 Lulzbot gets $45 and I can buy a generic (made in USA) sheet with adhesive (though not already attached) for about $21, that’s less than half the price. So, is the one from Lulzbot different?

Ideally I would love to have one that has a slight textured surface (I print ABS and while PEI works good a little texture might make it that much better.

Normally I use a thicker 1/16" sheet but I think I’ll try a thinner 1mm sheet as the thicker ones seem to have slight variations in thickness and my current one has had a divot towards the center since I put it on (not talking about the x axis droop either).

I’ve used .03in (.765mm) sheets from Amazon. It seemed much thicker than the PEI sheet that came on the glass.

I’d go with the Gizmo Dork kit. Better from a price perspective… the 1mm thickness would be comparable to the .03inch.

My next go around will be with the .09in sheet. I think a sturdier PEI sheet would resist air bubbles better. Could possibly get away with less adhesive and still get flat surface.

What I used the last 3 times was .125" and I think it’s too thick, still get the occasional bubble but the big thing is that the thickness is not consistent. I am hoping that a thinner piece will have less variance in thickness.

I bought the Gizmo Dorks 1mm kit with adhesive.

Let us know how that goes!

Ive been using sheets from cshyde for awhile now, even on my 500mm machines. Ive had sheets on over twice as long as my oldest taz sheet with no bubbling yet.

Which thickness from CS Hyde? I’ve never tried their PEI, but have come across the company in research.

The $21 Gizmo Dork kit is a pretty good price point with the adhesive included.

I usually use the 5mil

I agree that the 1mm PEI is the best choice. Its strong enough to flex the adhesive outward rather than bending and bubbling under heat.

I replaced my original sheet with 1mm and have run at least a dozen 1kg spools of HIPS, ABS and PLA on it since, including giant box shaped prints that take up all the build area.