Is Slic3r still being developed?

Slic3r has been my go-to slicing prog all along and I was wondering if it is still being developed. The website seems like it hasn’t been updated, but I thought maybe they were too busy working on an update. Any ideas? Thanks.

Alexrj is still working on it. He seems to be more or less the only developer, and he has a lot of projects around. That’s the reason why there is a pause from time to time… :frowning:

Thanks, I was hoping so. I got to thinking though, and can’t really thing of anything that it needs that it doesn’t already have. I guess I’m used to upgrading software for the sake of upgrading.

Yes, Slic3r is already quite feature-rich. But there are some bigger bugs in the latest “stable” release, thats why I also would be rearly happy if there would be an update in near future.
It seems as Alexrj is focusing on converting some of the code from perl to C, not so much on existing bugs.
And there are some realy cool new features that could be added, but for whatever reason the pull requests are not implemented. For example Adaptive slicing, that would be a realy cool unique feature…! :sunglasses: