Slic3r 1.0

Has anyone used it yet? It has a nice 3D visualization function that 0.9.1 doesn’t have, which make it similar to KISSlicer and Makerware. So I was all excited to start using it. But every time I tried to export G-Code it would crash and give me an error message. I ended up having to go back to 0.9.1.

I poked around the Slic3r site and didn’t find the equivalent of a forum so I came here to see if anyone else was having issues with Slic3r 1.0.

Works fine on my computer. There was a variant that did not like a specific type of video card with the rendering change that they made in the initial 1.0 release, but that was fixed in the latest 1.0.0RC3 build. Circle slicing and wall thickness seems to be much improved under slic3r 1.0, support material generation is a bit more difficult to remove with 1.0 from printed parts.

I haven’t had it crashing.

If you do find a bug, the best thing would be to get it reported to the maintainers so it gets fixed for 1.0 final. Here’s where they do the issue tracking:

We could also file something, if you want, but we’ll need all the gory details.



I think i might have had the same issue, everything was working fine then suddenly Slic3r created a G-code that tried to drive my hot end thru my board then it. It just lost it’s shit all together and started crashing.

I was able to fix it by dumping the config file and restoring to the original for Lulzbot. I am guessing that something didn’t save right and the config file got corrupted because after that everything went fine and back to normal.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, I didn’t think to look on github, I was looking on the site.

I got a verbose error message but I couldn’t select it to copy and paste. I’ll try it again; I had been using the Lulzbot ini file that was working fine for 0.9.1, and continues to work for 0.9.1.