Is the Flexystruder v2 being discontinued?

I wanted to get this tool head for my TAZ 6 but the Lulzbot online store it says:

“The LulzBot TAZ Flexystruder v2 Tool Head is not being restocked and availability is limited to quantity on hand.”

Will there be a V3? Is there something wrong with V2? Should I just use the standard head for ninjaflex?

There is a V3 in the works, You can see it here:

This one is actually an extinct product, we will not continue to develop this design. We found the Aerostruder Tool Heads work very will with both standard and flexible material, so we chose to move forward with those!

TAZ Aerostruder:

Mini Aerostruder:

That works too!

Is the Aerostruder available now and/or what is the ETA?

We have discontinued the flexystruder because the newly announced Aerostruders will be available soon. While we do not have a final release date at this time, interested users can sign up for updates here:

We will be sure to send out an email announcement when they are available for sale!