Is the Workhorse+ the same as the Workhorse on Cura?

I bought a MET285 and upgraded my Cura software from 4.13.4 to 4.13.7. I am trying to configure my Workhorse in Cura to work with my MET285 and every time I do so it says Workhorse+. Will it harm my printer to use the Workhorse+ MET285? By the way I pretty much upgraded my stock Workhorse to a + but just wondering if the + has a diffrent motherboard or components that only work with Workhorse + profile in Cura?

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You’re fine to use that profile. The primary workhorse+ upgrade is the toolhead, and if that toolhead is selected in Cura, you’re good to go.

Firmware-wise, it would depend on what Lulzbot did with defaults. I would expect that they set the PID settings for the magnetic bed and toolhead as good defaults for the changes in the Workhorse+, so if you used those with the glass bed, it would take longer to settle on the proper heat. The PID autotuning should be done anyway, to account for your situation anyway, but having a good starting point in the firmware is a good thing.

The firmware for the Workhorse+ is the Workhorse Galaxy firmware.

As for the profles to use, they are interchangeable between a Workhorse+ (stock with the Meteor 285) and. Workhorse with a Meteor 285 that was added.

The main differences between the 2 printers are the addition of the run-out sensor, magnetic bed and Meteor 285 coming intalled from the factory.

After installing the Meteor toolhead, I was unable to screw the toolhead cover back into place. I looked at the Workhorse+ to see if it had a different cover design and it did. The wires on the Meteor are kept in a protective sleeve that doesn’t fit in the Workhorse toolhead cover. Does anyone know where I could find the file for the Workhorse+ toolhead cover so that I might be able to print one?

My only concern with that is if the 3DPrinter on the original Lulzbot Taz workhorse if it’s dialed in for magnetic beds otherwise go ahead

True, the E3D Aerostruder harness bundle sleeve (top cover) doesn’t fit with the MET 285. John Olhoft told me that you can just cut that extension off. They hadn’t uploaded the new toolhead cover file as of my correspondence with him on 1/22/24.

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I switch toolheads often for different projects and have started leaving the toolhead cover off on my printer. I haven’t noticed any negative effects from doing this.

That is in add printer for any new tool heads or any nozzle size changes

Yeah, I just leave mine off too, I switch back and forth between Met285 and Aero SE often enough it’s just more stuff to R&R. That cover is just there for looks as far as I can tell.