Taz6 No Power

So, my nearly 100% trouble-free Taz6 just quit on me. Perhaps 20 minutes into a 2 hour print it died and will not power on. I’ve checked power at outlet and surge protector, all normal. Where do I start? Replace fuses? I popped open the enclosure, nothing on fire… nothing looks amiss… any suggestions? Pretty sure I’m out of warranty.

There are two small fuses on the Rambo board that look like rice grains. Replace those. There may also be a fuse on the power plug socket before the psu. I can’t remember if a 6 has one there. If it’s not the fuses the mean well power supply and or more than one fan may have crapped itself.

I would look and see if when you flip the power switch does any LED’s turn on on the control board and the rear fan turn on. There are two fuses in a panel just under the power cord plug. But if you see the switch light up when you flip it then those are fine. The switch needs both of those working to light up the neon element inside it. If your logic fuse blew nothing would light up since the control board will not run to turn anything on. AKA - no LCD lights/characters. The other two fuses on the board are the bed heater and fans/motors. So those two the LCD would still light up but nothing would move or heat up.