Is there a way to get specific PLA profiles?

I have recently switched from Ngen to Matterhackers PLA to test it out. I noticed in Cura there is no Matterhackers PLA profile and am wondering what I should use for it and whether there is a way to download a specific profile that is proven to work with it. Any suggestions?

If memory serves me correctly, I think I had good results using the Polylite PLA profile for MatterHackers PLA. You might have to make some minor adjustments, but it should get you a good starting point.

As there are so many filament vendors, it is difficult for us to create a profile for each and every brand that exists. We are currently working with different vendors to have them submit their own profiles for incorporation. MattherHackers has submitted profiles for the Build and Pro series filament for the TAZ 6 and the Mini. These materials and profiles can be found in the experimental section within Cura 3.2.18 and newer builds. You can download and install the latest by following these directions:

As time progresses, we hope to get more and more filament types within Cura!