colorFabb PLA/PHA profile for Cura

Does anyone have a profile for Colorfabb PLA/PHA for Cura 2.6.69? There used to be one in the legacy Cura version, but it is now gone :frowning: Currently I am using the PLA (Verbatim) profile and bumped up the temperature a bit. It does give reasonable results, but not as good as before.
Can someone help me?

Here are our testing notes for PLA/PHA. What printer are you using?

Thanks for the link. I am using a Lulzbot Mini.
There are PLA profiles for Verbatim, Village Plastics and Polymaker in Cura 2.6.69, but not specifically for PLA/PHA. Which profile should I use? I am a noob, so I’d rather use a profile that works instead of tweaking a profile myself :slight_smile:
Any help would be appreciated.

Through our testing, we decided not to carry the PLA/PHA material in our retail store. As such, we won’t have a profile for it included within the newest Cura LE as we need to focus on getting profiles tuned in for materials we carry.

As for getting a little bit closer, you can compare the settings in Cura 21.08 to the existing profile for the PLA you are using. Once you have the changes incorporated go to the Profile Drop down and select “Create profile from current settings/overrides” This will allow you to store your changes for a an easy one click use for future prints.

Ok, thanks. I’ll copy the Verbatim PLA profile that is working and tweak it further. I am just a bit surprised. If I remember correctly, PLA/PHA used to be in your store. And having watched a few reviews it seems one of the better PLA variants out there.
Anyway, I still have around 15 spools to finish before I can switch to another brand :slight_smile: