Generic 3mm PLA filament

hi, ive bought some of the ngen filament, lulzbot green, and a blue… all works well.
however, i also bought some decent generic pla, 3mm black…

when i tried printing some items, that printed fine with the ngen filament, as i used the cura for taz6, and it has a specific ngen profile for filament materials…

however, when i use the new basic 3mm PLA, there is no real profile for that, so what do i use… ?
as i tried the same print i did with the ngen, using the pla (verbatim) profile, and got alot of curling up at edges (even with bed set to 80), and some scrambling up ot the filament.

how would i create a custom profile for this generic pla filament? so it prints at its best possible?

We do a lot of testing of specific manufacturer filaments with our printers, as one manufacturers PLA is not the same formula as another manufacturers PLA. We usually go through 7-10kgs testing and verifying settings for our printers before including them within Cura LE. A temperature tower (Where you change the extrusion temperature every 5mm or so) is a great place to start, as that is usually the easiest to nail down.

We have had some great user posts about testing and modifying for a great profile as well:

Good luck and happy printing!