Is this a Z-Wobble issue?

Excuse me if I am using the wrong terminology, but I just got into 3D printing and I am still attempting to calibrate my Taz 5. The print I am currently using for calibration purposes is this 15 mm cube ( The vertical surfaces are not very smooth and from a few google searches, I think it could possibly be a wobble issue within the Z axis. I squared up the X axis with the frame, as best as I could, but I didn’t see a noticeable effect.

Here is a picture of my latest print, with the X axis squared.

I think you need to make your image smaller. I am not able to see the printed part.

Thanks, I didn’t realize I had used image tags for that, it was meant to link directly to the image, due to the size.

Just as a note, in case it helps, this was sliced with slic3r, utilizing Lulzbot’s TAZ “Fine ABS 0.35mm Nozzle” profile.

Nozzle temp: 240
Hotbed temp: 110