TAZ 6: Z-axis stops midway through print; X & Y continue, grinding nozzle on print

Hi all,
New to the forum and Lulzbot. Just got a TAZ 6. I was able to print the Rocktopus, but when I attempt prints of my own, the z-axis stop moving upward at some point. It continues to print layers and move on the X & Y and comes to my attention when I hear the nozzle grinding against the print. Maybe a software issue? Thought I’d start here.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Just recalled: my first print (other than Rocktopus) was fine until a filament tangle stopped it. Subsequent prints now stall on the Z-axis, though I just retested the Rocktopus and no problems (but the stalls happen just above his head). Is it possible something was torqued when the filament tangled?

Running Cura 19.12 on Linux Minut 17.2 via USB. Printing with Beginner settings and HIPS.

Ran into the same issue, support was VERY helpful when I called. Your TAZ 6 is slightly out of square, a known issue that sometimes happens during shipping.

Here is the fix: https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/squaring-taz-6-frame/service-bulletins/

On mine before the fix, when I raise the Z axis manually, it would raise but then grind and slip. After the fix, you should be able to manually move throughout the entire range of the Z axis.

Thanks Mike!
Squaring the frame fixed my issue.

Note for future searches: the frame bracket to which cables are zip-tied was the culprit, even during adjustment. It can easily slip out of alignment when tightening due to the pull of the attached cable bundle and the smallest offset makes a big difference .

I am having the same issue. Will print about 1" in height, after that the violent grinding and shaking occurs. Found the link for squaring the frame. At first glance it did not appear non-square, but once I removed the rubber feet from bottom, you could easily see it was off by 1/8" on both side. Note: Don’t install the feet covering the rails where they join, you can’t see if off.

However, I can not square it. Sure, I followed the instructions to loosen the 4 bolts, slid / aligned the rails and brackets to be flush and square, tightened. But when you measure the diagonal in both directions, it is off by an easy 3/8". Did both sides. I played with re-aligning multiple times, even using a metal angle bracket to make sure everything is square. But when I measure the diagonals, always off by 3/8". I have no idea what is wrong, be it incorrect metal rail lengths, or maybe the assemblers didn’t flush the rails into the other brackets, but it is impossible for me to square this up.

HELP! I have a printer that doesn’t print, even the cat runs out of the room when it starts to shake and grind.