Issue printing with Chroma Strand 1800

I’m having an issue printing with CS on a Taz 6, I have no issues using PLA or flex but when I load up with CS I receive probe faults and from what I can tell it’s due to it slightly weeping from the hot print head after all self cleaning attempts. If I manually retract an clean I can get it to print but then on the next print the same problem occurs. Does any one have reliable settings to run Chroma Strand 1800, as a note, once it’s printing I’m getting good results and I’m using the default profile from version Cura 3.6.25


If your wipe/probe temp is too high and causes filament to leak then go ahead and turn that number down in the settings. You can also look at the start gcode and include a command to retract in there.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try