Jammed my M175 printhead

Jammed it while printing PETG, tried cutting off the airflow to the Mosquito tube, that trick didn’t work this time. Whipped out my heat gun on high. :scream: whoops! :hot_face: Too hot! The inserts began to slide out :woozy_face:. Couldn’t get the filament path to align properly after that fiasco. So I purchased a new Bondtech extruder. It came with a new drive gear that you attach onto the stepper motor shaft. Picture on the packaging shows which direction to attach it. My original gear was attached incorrectly. It probably doesn’t really make much of a difference, this us just an F.Y.I. Of what I had gotten and what I have done to mess it up.


We actually swap these around due to the way they are mount on the M175.
If they are mounted like in your picture, the teeth will eat into the hobbed gear and cause damage to it.


Ahh Good to know this! Thank you!

What is the thickness of that red gear spacing jig for setting the gear on the shaft?