KillaJoule: Record-Setting Electric Motorcycle Speeds Ahead With 3D Printing

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Eva Håkansson and the KillaJoule:
Recommended course: Mechanical Engineering

Eva Håkansson designed and built KillaJoule, an electric motorcycle (pictured below) that has set world records. The motorcycle’s top speed as of August 2016 was 248.746 mph (400.2 kph). The thing that helps her the most, aside from her incredible intelligence and ingenuity, is her 3D printer. 3D printing has "opened a whole new dimension of manufacturing,” Håkansson says. “You can do things you can’t even dream of making otherwise.” Watch Håkansson and KillaJoule in action in the video at the bottom of the case study.

Dr. Eva Håkansson poses with the world’s fastest electric motorcycle, KillaJoule.