High speed printing experiences?

I am curious if anyone out there can share their experiences of successful (or unsuccessful) test prints at higher speeds…

I have rarely ventured my TAZ 5 much above the 100mm/s as the default print speed (but often below). I have probably hit 115mm/s by adjusting the Feed Rate knob while printing. Has anyone pushed it to 200mm/s (reported max speed) and where they able to get good test results?
Type/brand of plastic?
Print settings?

Sure, check out this thread for my tests with my slightly modified Taz

Push Plastic ABS, 3.00mm black on 6lb roll.
Print settings are here:
quality being a relative term, they turned out ok. I’ve done some gears and whatnot as well that look nice. 0.50mm nozzle. 0.3-ish layer height.

Nice! Of course with your incredible super-tricked out FrankenTaz. I have been dreaming of making some of those mods on mine for a while. I will definitely have to crank mine up to 11 (or 200) more often.

Anyone out there print at higher speeds regularly?

Fastest I’ve tried printing is 80mm/s with 60mm/s outer perimeter at .26 layer height. Turned out absolutely perfectly though.

I get reluctant to really push it on large prints because I would hate if it failed a few hours into it. However, yesterday I used the Feed rate adjustment on a print that already failed (it started peeling off the print bed). We cranked it up to about 150-175mm/s with ABS and the print continued printing for a while (until we killed it).

With a printer as large as the TAZ we can create some enormous multi-day prints. Anything to speed them up will be helpful.

I regularly print at 90mm/s with a perimeter underspeed close to 30 - 40mm/s for good perimeters.

Biggest help is really the nozzle diameter and layer height.