KitTAZ big problems with hotend

While this is my first post I didn’t want it to be a problem question but seems I can’t avoid it. After receiving my KitTAZ I was able to assemble it with almost no issue. While there where some vitamins missing and a replacement part had to be shipped out due to missing a piece I was able to complete the build in about 10 hours over the course of 2 weeks.

The issue I have now it that my Budaschnozzle melded after both Printer Interface and CURA reported the hot end being at 60 but the temperature was obviously much higher. As you can see in the photos the hotend is now totally warped.

The following video below shows Printer Interface showing the temp at 60 but as you can see with smoke puffing out of the nozzle and melting a small piece of ABS filament there is a major temperature difference.

My question is does any one know of a way to fix this issue. I understand that the hotend is probably shot and will need a replacement but the issue remains of the current correct temperature not going past 60 within the software. I Already checked the simple things like the connectors being attached and even double checked the connections to the Rambo Board as pictured.

I have already sent off the pictures to support but didn’t know if anyone on here might have answer or solution to my current problem or is anyone else has experienced this. Kinda of disappointed as it’s already been about 2 weeks and still haven’t printed anything as waiting on parts and now this as left me in limbo

Did you flash the firmware? Do you have a multimeter to test the resistance of the hot end thermistor (orange wire pair)? Since you’re working with our support team already I’m sure we’re getting something moving to you. Before you connect anything back up (especially the replacement) you’ll want to test things in stages, to make sure that things are behaving appropriately.

Firmware was flashed as per build instructions, however since my initial post support has already issued me a RMA and are having me send back both the electrical box and the Budaschnozzle.

Great! Glad to hear it. We’ll update you once we have made a determination and let you know about what we find!

Heard back from support and found out it was not a error on my end thank the gods!!

Quote From E-Mail

“There was some sort of defect with your Mosfet connection for the hot end on the RAMBo board. We have gone ahead and replaced it, and all is working well. Due to the over heat, the PEEK isolator in your old budaschnozzle was destroyed, and we have replaced that as well.”

While I haven’t made a 3D print yet due to this issue, I must say that I’m still fully confident in my purchase and amazed at the level of real support I have received… Thank You Tech Support