Kittaz metal vitamins

ok… so I am looking for a source for the metal parts for the TAZ KITTAZ. Is it possible to purchase the parts from the lulzbot store?

We don’t offer just the non-printed vitamins/hardware for the KITTAZ at this time, just the complete KITTAZ. Misumi is great for ordering the cut extrusions, you can find the t-nuts there as well for a decent price. Screws and fasteners can be found through Mcmaster-carr, or any of the other metric bolt online vendors.

So how can I build the Taz kittaz with out the metal pieces?

Are you referring to the mini? If you are, then they are here
If you don’t want to use solidworks, then there are .pdf’s here .

For the kittaz, Orias is right on. Misumi sells the metal frame pieces here , or you can buy a kittaz and they come with all the other stuff and you don’t have to spend a whole bunch of time spec-ing out parts if you don’t want to.

The bill of materials for the kittaz is here and it lists suppliers and prices.

Rather than spend a lot of time sourcing parts, and doing a lot of leg work, our KITTAZ has all the parts you’ll need:

The metal part I was referring to is this
Unless I overlooked the Stl file listed under the devel folder.

I currently have all the parts including the extrusions already. Just trying to make sure I have all the files before I started to print.

There should be an option to purchase all the parts if an end user wanted. Why should I drop 1500 on a third 3D printer when I already have the parts?

Oh, that metal part.

Well, there is a .sldprt here: and a .pdf drawing and a .dxf here: . If you want to print it, there is an .stl here . You might find this thread useful if you are cloning that y-end . What I do in my builds is use the old printed y-ends: .

Ok, cool.

Individually, you mean. The option to purchase all the parts together is already there.

Because you want to support all of the super awesome support on the lulzbot forum ofc. :wink:

You don’t need the metal part, if you have access to a 3D printer, print that whole end as one piece and use 12mm rods instead of 10mm :slight_smile:. I’ll be working on a file for this soon.