KITTAZ parts required to become a TAZ?

Hi! I’m considering getting a KITTAZ mainly because I’m cheap and I want to understand how the printer I just bought works. I’m all about open source and love that you guys are too!

The thing is though, KITTAZ != TAZ 4. I know there are some parts different like the lcd display but would someone mind spelling out exactly what else I’d need to buy/upgrade to take my KITTAZ to a full on TAZ? I think if I get a KITTAZ I will want to upgrade it to a legit TAZ asap and this way I’ll basically build myself a TAZ.

You would need the LCD, LCD wire harness, and LCD housing.

Also a few zip ties.

That’s great, thanks piercer. The KITTAZ vs TAZ comparison also lists “Ready Dual Extruder Tool Head connection” – what is that exactly and is available as an add-on as well?

Oh, that’s the extra wires from the Rambo board to the second Extruder head. THe cable assembly can be seen here: and is the “Extruder X Harness” along with whatever internal changes need to be wired up inside the box. I don’t know if the KitTAZ has the headers for the second extruder already ran to that second X plug or not. I’m guessing they will sell that cable with the Dual Extruder as an option later on. I don’t believe you can order one at the moment. Making one would not be hard, you would just need to find one of those large connector plug ends. I personally wouldn’t worry about it until you have your Dual extruder in hand.

So far, we dont not have the connector with internal wiring/connections/terminations available for sale when the Dual extruder is released. We will have part numbers and diagrams available though, for those interested in sourcing and making one.

I asked this same question recently, just before getting my Kittaz. Our friendly neighborhood customer service person (hope you don’t mind) replied with this very complete answer, so I figured I’d add it here for future wanderers. Personally I’ve enjoyed thoroughly building it (cough almost done) myself.

  1. In order to convert a KITTAZ into a TAZ 4 you will need:
    Graphical LCD Smart Controller Enclosure $49.95
    Graphical Smart LCD Wiring Harness $49.95
    Full Graphic Smart LCD $69.95

It’ll work fine without this, you just need to be plugged in to a computer through the USB cable, rather than having the option of using an SD card and unplugging your laptop.

  1. Dual Extruder Connection: It does not come with a Dual extruder and lacks some wiring that the TAZ 4 has to easily accept the Dual extruder. We recommending calling in to our support staff and they’ll help you walk through the upgrade. This requires more detailed wiring. We will be stocking our warehouses with dual extruders within 2 weeks. It allows you to print with 2 colors or 2 different materials on the same object.

  2. Toolkit that the KITTAZ lacks includes the following:
    Toolkit bag
    15 Piece Metric Hex Key Set
    Pliers, Needle Nose
    Standard Precision Knife
    Dental Pick
    Flathead Bristle Brush
    Part Removal Knife (clam knife)
    Metric Ruler
    Acetone-safe Bottle (acetone not included)

  3. You will need to use your own tools for assembly. These are basic wrenches and screwdrivers nothing too complicated. You can actually read through the whole assembly before ordering one!

  4. Out of the box the KITTAZ will save you the $500 and you’ll be able to print right away the same quality prints as a TAZ 4 without the convenience of an SD card.

where can I source the DB25 housing for the cables that come out of the LCD screen?

… Disregard. found it. Although, it’s back ordered.

They will likely have an equivelent part for that at your local radio shack if there are any still in your area. Frys electronics also carries them.

Can you source these for us?

Has anyone thought about printing the molex style connector for the extruder wiring harness and just crimping their own wires? I would be interested in facilitating a group buy and could open a thread on that.

Here’s the diagram for the internal harness, from the connector on the outside of the electronics enclosure to the board connectors:

This is incredibly helpful! I am super pumped that you shared all of the item numbers with us! Thank you.

I am still in the middle of my KITTAZ build, but I wanted to show people how I added on the LCD and SD card reader. The upgrade instructions leave out some details, which ended up making the process take longer than needed. Here are some important details and pictures.

For one, deep in the description of the purchased items on the Lulzbot store, they suggest you need a few misc hardware (like M5 T nuts, M5 washers, M5x 8mm screws and some M3 and M2.5 hardware too). You need all of the M3 and M2.5 stuff, but you dont need the T nuts, or the M5 washers, as you can just use the ones from the corner bracket that you remove in installing the LCD (the front left upper). The corner bracket and the LCD case are different thicknesses by about 1 washer or 2mm, meaning the M5 x 8mm screws are useful as replacement ones for the M5 x 10mm screws that hold/held the removed corner bracket on. If you dont want to source the 8mm screws, its easy enough to just add a 2nd washer on each of the 4 screws that hold the LCD on, if you happen to have spare M5 washers, or if its easier to source them.

I hope this helps anyone planning on the upgrade to the LCD.

more thanks :smiley:

I just wanted to post a recommendation for the LCD screen upgrade. Its really nice to be able to heat up/cooldown the printer through the LCD interface, then just start the print from the SD card. It is also easy to change fan speeds during the print, which is VERY useful.You can also pause, stop easily as well. Plus the whole interface looks really slick.

I highly recommend it.