Taz frame hardware?

Hi all - I’m going to make an enclosure for my Taz 5 and would like to frame my acrylic in the same metal parts and fittings as used in the printer

Does anyone know if these are custom Lulzbot parts or if available from other sources?

Many thanks

The metal parts are 20mm x 20mm extrusions. You can source them from a company called Mitsumi fairly inexpensivly http://us.misumi-ec.com/
The fittings are a mix of M5 T-slot nuts and M5 cap screws, along with some custom bits and some washers.

You might want to give this link a look for instructions to build an enclosure that matches a TAZ pretty well.

Yep. Search aluminum extrusions. Grainger, fastenal and openbuild are other sources for the 2020 extrusions.

Thank you both - that’s exactly what I needed!