Serious Buyer - TAZ4 or KITTAZ?

I am looking to buy one of these ASAP, but I need some questions answered first. I e-mailed sales and support, and haven’t received a reply yet.

"I am an experienced engineering student, looking for a 3d printer for design and production.

I am divided between the Taz4 and the Kit. I could care less about an LCD screen, however, my main concern is the cost to upgrade to the dual extruder.

The Taz4 claims to have “ready dual extruder tool head connection”.

To be specific:

  1. Is the upgrade to dual extrusion more costly if I buy a Kit? [Solved: Maybe $40 More]
  2. Do the Taz4 and Kit have the same layer resolutions, tolerances and etc??? (print quality)? [Solved: Yes]
  3. Does the Kit have the ability to print all of the same materials as the Taz4? [Solved: Yes]
  4. Is it possible to print Ninjaflex without the Flexystruder? [Solved: No]
  5. What size nozzle does the Kit come with? [Solved: 0.35mm]


To add the dual extrusion capability, you just need to add the wire harness from the box to the X carriage. Assuming you build it correctly, the KitTaz will have the same print quality as the Factory unit. It is possible, but difficult to print ninjaflex without a flexystruder. Parts to make a flexystruder cost about $30 from mcmaster carr for the Teflon tube, a few heat set inserts, the bolts, a couple bearings, and a hobbed bolt which you would need to source elsewhere. The kit comes with the.35 nozzle.

Adding the LCD will cost you about $70 if you want the stock style LCD housing.

Thanks for the response!

I’m leaning towards the KITTAZ, and trying to look into getting the flexystruder in the kit, instead of the normal one… but I doubt they’ll do that.

Do you know if the flexystruder has the ability to print all the normal materials?

The Flexystruder can print normal materials, but the teflon tube lining will wear quicker when printing ABS or PLA through it because they are slightly more abrasive than the Ninjaflex. You can easily replace the tube as needed for about $0.50 worth of material, but its something to be aware of.

They might be willing to swap the flexystruder in instead of the standard print head, but if this is your first 3d printer I’d strongly reccommend getting the standard print head and then printing your own flexystruder. It’s a decent skill check to tell you if you are ready to start playing with the more difficult to print flexible materials. If you can’t print a decent flexystruder body, you aren’t ready to start attempting to print ninjaflex.


I just got a reply from sales/support.

They said using the Flexystruder head for non-flexible materials would strip it out very quickly.

I decided to order a KITTAZ, as it is.

Thanks again for your help!

You’re welcome! have fun building it. Lots of good documentation of the process out there, and plenty of people to ask questions of here.

You’ll need to source and make the connector to mount into the electronics enclosure if you’re going to add a dual extruder to the KITTAZ. We’ll have some guides and helpful links soon available for such things.