Laybrick 250 gram coil, Model is 650 gram. oops

Looking through the posts and haven’t found this one. Been printing with Laybrick and love it. Been showing it around and one of the guys has an model he wants printed in Laybrick. HOWEVER it takes 650 grams of PLA to print. How do I swap out coils without messing up the nozzle position? Or is there a printer interface that can back up to a given point in the print? Its a 30 hour print so it may run out when I’m not sitting close by.

I’d try splicing 3 coils together ahead of timeusing either adhesive or heat, and then re-coil the entire package on a large orange electrical cord spool such as that found at your local home depot or lowes or equivelent hardware store. Make sure it’s a freestanding one.

Probably the easiest heat welding technique would be to find a heated fabric knife that will get up to 160c (or make one out of a soldering iron and an x-acto knofe blade and a spare soldering iron insert) place both coil ends against the blade simultaniously, then remove the blade and press thefilliament ends together.

I’ve had a lot of luck simply pausing the print, reversing out the filament through Pronterface or the Grapical LCD controller. I then feed in the filament by placing the filament back in and using the interface to extrude by the same amount. If you pause the print during the infill portion of the print, it will be extruding quite happily by the time it gets to the perimeter portion of the print again.

Thanks! I’ll try them both.
With such a long print I may need to just pause it while I sleep.