Laybrick and Laywoo-D3 Filaments Snapping

Looking for some advice or direction from any of you that have printed with the Laybrick or Laywoo-D3 filaments. When I load the filament, as soon as the extruder nozzle starts moving in any direction the filament snaps and I have to stop the print (it never even really gets started). If you just hold the filament between your fingers and bend it even slightly, it snaps in two. Is there something special you are supposed to do with the filament prior to printing to get it ready? It is so brittle I’m not understanding how I’d get this to actually work.

Don’t try to coil it tight or wrap it around a reel or anything like that. It is brittle, so it has to be fed without bending much. You don’t need to prep/process it any other way though.

Thanks for the info, I’ll try putting the coil somewhere that doesn’t cause as much potential flex in the filament as it is being pulled in (currently I just had it hanging off the filament feed arm which wasn’t working). That will be a little tricky considering how far the extruder might move in the X or Y direction for some prints but that should be a good start.