Layers Issue

Good day Tazers,
Recently I bought a new Taz 4.
I have a problem with layers.
I keep getting strange layers pattern. you can see in attached images.
I’m using Taz Slic3r profiles.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you all in advance.

You may want to loosen the four screws on the Z axis leadscrew/motor coupler and tighten down. Try to have the leadscrew and stepper motor shaft centered in the coupler.

Thank you Orias,
I did what you mentioned and I have different results.
I will post some images later.
Many thanks,

Here is the result:

Should I replace new Z axis leadscrew? or what should I do to fix this problem?
Any suggestions…
Thank you,

Also here is a video for Z axis:

You want to have the Z axis lead screw centered above the Z axis stepper motor shaft and within the coupler before you tighten the coupler set screws. Make sure you tighten the two screws on each side evenly, but gently. When you move the Z axis up and down the leadscrew should spin without much side to side movement at all.

Did you ever get this resolved? I have some very minor banding and am wondering if theres an acceptable amount that isnt removable before trying the suggestion and possibly making it worse.

Here is a link to what I am getting, the first picture makes it look worse than it is. You have to have the piece at the right angle to see it. I am also using a taz4 with the fine slic3r settings profile for abs at 220c.

Problem resolved!!!
I have loosen the screws on the Z axis leadscrew/motor coupler and tighten them again many times and did test prints.
Thank you friends.