Layer banding - Z axis issue or X axis?

Hi all,

I have a TAZ v1 that’s happily printing along, but one issue it has had since the beginning is that layers always make these little bands that you can feel. This happens with ABS and PLA. The banding pretty much mirrors the Z-axis drive screw grooves, so I’m assuming changing the Z-axis is pulling and pushing the X carriage just a tiny bit each time. Does that sound right given the attached image?

Any suggestions on to to fix this? I do want to upgrade to the better Z-axis drive system of the TAZ 4 eventually, but I know my TAZ v1 can definitely do better until I get around to that upgrade.

The Taz 4 Z axis set will fix that, in the mean time you can upgrade to one of the different dual nut Z spring assemblies to minimize that effect.

Thanks piercet. I guess I’ll start budgeting for the TAZ 4 Z upgrade. My friend’s TAZ 1 doesn’t have this issue, his prints much more smoothly than mine, so I know a TAZ 1 can definitely do better than this even without any upgrades. I noticed the X axis smooth rods were slightly angled (the right side was several mm higher than the left side), so I did adjust that and hopefully that’ll help a little bit as well. One of my Z threaded rods still looks pretty wobbly, but the rod itself may be slightly bowed.

Thanks for confirming my Z axis is the problem though.

  • Adam

Have you tried a different slicer cause i found that kisslicer is really good for “show” prints. No z banding but when i use cura it comes back. It can also be cause of vibrations in your frame or the table you have it on. Try putting a stiff rubber on the feet of the printer. I also heard on of the best upgrades you can do for tazs is putting a rubber garment between the stepper motors and the motor mount.

He has a version 1 taz. With the version 1 Taz Z axis that is light years behind the print quality of the later models.