Layers not smooth Taz 6


I’m trying to print a part in lulzbot taz 6, but the layers don’t seem to be coming out right, on one side the layers come out perfectly, but on the other side there is

. I was wondering if anyone here could enlighten me on how to fix this, or what might be causing the issue in the first place. I doubt that it has anything to do with the room temperature, as the temp is around 31 degrees celsius. The object was positioned with the good side facing towards you and the bad side facing away from you, every time the side that did not have a smooth layer was the side that was facing away from you. The material that I’m using is ABS, the printing temperature is 240, and the bed temperature is 111. The bed temperature is 111 to compensate for the approximate 1 degree loss in temperature when the bed moves.

This is the entire part and how it was positioned on the bed.

Side 1

Side 2

Side 3

Side 4


First: I can’t speak for the Taz 6, but on the Taz 5, I print at 70 degree bed temp and 235 degrees extruder temp for ABS.

Second: based on your explanation, I still can’t tell which was the X or Y axis, but it kind of looks like your ABS is binding up on the reel.

Third: Looks like some over extrusion in the corners.

Is this printed with Cura using base settings for ABS?

It looks like you have a few different problems.

Not quite sure as to what happened to the post, but this is how the part was laid down and printed on the taz, yes this was printed with cura with the default ABS settings on high detail, the only thing that i changed was the number of brim lines from 10 to 20

It looks to me like your y axis is binding up somewhere, check to make sure your bed goes back and forth smoothly, and check there is nothing obstructing your belts/pullies/rails etc. It could also be in the z axis…

Also try to move extruder away from bed a cunt hair or so and see if it improves.