LCD blank [SOLVED]


The LCD on my Taz 4 powers on but is blank.

I reseated the two cables behind the lcd, as well as the serial cable that connects to the outside of the control case. I also reseated the two sets of female headers that connect to the Rambo board.

I did a continuity check with a multi meter from the female headers inside the case to the serial connector that’s outside the case (tested fine).

I’m able to print via USB fine.

Is there anything else I can?


EDIT: Forgot to update this thread. I replaced the LCD and it’s working fine. Looks like the LCD just failed.

Did you flash the firmware recently?

No haven’t flashed it. Thought about reflashing but wanted to see if there is anything else I can try before that.

If the two cables that plug into the back of the LCD are connected swapped, the display stays blank. Have you tried swapping the cables on the back of the LCD?

Verified they are plugged in correctly. They run the cables a certain way to avoid this.


Is it blank or is the backlight not working? Can you see ‘anything’ on the LCD.

It’s just blank, the backlight is on so it’s getting power for sure.

What’s the solution?

Replace it, new one worked right away for me.