LCD Resetting Itself

I have been experiencing very frequent disconnects from the computer, then tonight on about the 5th or 6th disconnect just trying to get the bed up to temp I noticed that right before the disconnect, the LCD restarted itself showing the startup screen and the right after the computer in Printrun, showed that I was disconnected. I thought to myself maybe I should try to flash the firmware, but when I went to the Support/Downloads/Guides/Re-flashing your 3D Printer’s Firmware/Taz 2.1 there was an error message that “The requested URL /TAZ/2.1/software/2013Q4/firmware/marlin_taz/marlin_taz.tar.bz2 was not found on this server.” I went into the Source area in Index of /TAZ/2.1/software/2013Q4/firmware/marlin_taz/Marlin but there were so many files I was not sure what to grab. The guide talks about getting the ESTEPS info from the printed sheets that came with the machine. Is it the number that is hand written on the first page of the TEST/ACCEPTANCE RECORD packet under steps/mm in E0 row? I don’t want to do this wrong and end up worse of than I was before, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is the LCD resetting at random intervals? Does removing the SD card help with it’s stability? There’s two wiring harnesses attached to the back of the LCD controller assembly. You’ll want to make sure that they are both firmly seated into the LCD controller.

We’re in the middle of updating our download section and packaging up some firmware files. The archive linked should be there later today once everything gets synced over.

While you certainly can reflash your firmware, I don’t think it will help, as it’s not really going to go out without something else happening. Email if the LCD controller keeps resetting, or if the connection keeps getting lost in Pronterface and we’ll go further indepth to see what’s going on and what needs to occur.

The firmware files at the link you mentioned are all needed, you can download them one at a time, or use a download manager/wget/curl to download the entire directory.

The value needed from your Test Acceptance sheet is the E0 value, which is your steps per unit for the extruder. Copy that value into the line mentioned, following the same format.

I would hold off on flashing the firmware for now, until you’re/we’re sure it’s not a hardware issue.

Thanks for all of you advise and suggestions. Tonight I will check all of the connections to the LCD, I recently moved the taz and may have knocked something loose. I’ll get back to you if neccesary.
Thanks again,