LCD Screen for the LulzBot Mini

I was wondering if anyone here has hooked up a screen to their Mini or has a mod for the printer to print from an SD card. My current laptop is dying fast and I can’t get anything else to print from until around August. The faster/easier/cheaper the mod is, the better. If you know of anyone that has made a post about doing this, feel free to link it. Also feel free to mention any other cool mods you’ve done that could be helpful. I didn’t get an open source printer for nothin’.

Edit: I’ve got a raspberry pi 3 and all the stuff I’ll need on the shopping list. Thanks everyone.

The stock mini Rambo board lacks the lcd headers. You will most likely have to swap out the board. Newer minis may have the lcd headers, but I do not know for sure.

IMO, the best option for a Mini is a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 with Octopi installed. You control it from a web browser, I use my phone and tablet all the time if you have one of those to work from. You could get started for about $50 if you skip the camera and already have a microSD card available. It doesn’t have to be a big card, I think I have a 8GB in mine and it’s overkill. There are a couple printable cases on thingiverse that mount to the side of the printer, making a very clean install.

I second that. The Raspberry Pi 2 and OctoPi (Free download) is the way to go. Simple and effective.

Here’s a smokin’ deal on a complete Pi2 kit:

Here’s the link and how to set up the whole thing:

Astroprint runs on raspberry pi’s for free as well and has a wonderful user UI

Another vote for Octoprint…