DIY LCD for Lulzbot Mini

I didnt want to necro an old thread. I was looking at the LCDs from reprapdiscount and I was wondering if they would work with the lulzbot mini. Aside from having to print my own enclosure/mount, is there anything special I need to do about the firmware or electronic connections?

The answer is “maybe” Depending on which version of the mini you have, and which version of the Rambo mini board was inside of it, you either don’t or do have the pins required to actually attach an LCD. Earlier minis do not have the pins. The Mini 1.04 may have them. You can source the newer style Rambo mini board and flash the firmware even with an older mini, but that adds about $90 to your cost.

edit: also the mini firmware probably lacks the LCD modules so you would need to harvest those from a Taz firmware.