Left Z motor not working

The left Z-stepper motor (near the electronics box) on my TAZ 5 is no longer functioning. The right one is working fine. As far as I can tell everything is still connected and there is no damage. The frame is aligned as well.

My printer is 4 days old. I haven’t done anything crazy on it as far as I know.

Is there a way to run diagnostics to see if the motor is getting power? Any help would be appreciated.

Probably the easiest way to check the motor is to disconnect the lead for the left motor and attach the lead from the right motor. You will have to cut some zip ties but zip ties are cheap. You can then used the LCD controller to move the Z axis a couple of 10ths (0.1) mm. If the motor doesn’t work, the motor is the problem. If the motor works, you will need to use a VOM to determine if the problem is in the wiring harness or the RAMBo board.

My printer is 4 days old.

Um… Perfect reason to contact Lulzbot support. You should not have to “figure it out” let them do that. Support is quite good.

It just happened a couple hours ago. Wanted to see what I could get through the forums. They’ll be getting a call from me in the morning.