Z Axis Stepper Motor not reponding

My lead screws jammed some few days ago, so I dismantled my TAZ 6 and cleaned those lead screws, but after putting it back together the stepper motor for the z axis (both of them) stopped responding.
I used on board controls to test the motor using the movement menu but no increment in shown when i rotate the dial.
ANy idea what could have gone wrong
p.s. i already checked the cable connected to the stepper

Reach out to the support team at LulzBot.com/Support. Send a picture of the two Z-axis stepper motors showing the connectors/wiring, and include pictures of the rest of the Z-axis. Include information on what you removed and how you did so. Was the printer powered down and unplugged before you disconnected/reconnected things? If not you may have blown a replaceable fuse. One way to test to see if it’s the fuse is to move the X and Y axis using the GLCD controller (home). Be prepared to power down the printer if the Z-axis makes any excessive noise. If they move but the Z-axis does not it’ll help narrow things down. Let the support team know how that works when you reach out.