Taz 6 Left Side not Lifting

I’ve had my Taz 6 for a while now, a little less than a year, and I’m now having a serious issue where the left side (facing the front of the printer) is no longer lifting. The stepper motor is working on that side, but it will not lift. The right side is lifting fine. It was making some loud/high pitch noises before this. Any suggestions?

hi does the left side actually lift up and down on its own if moved up and down by hand? if so, then amazingly you’ve threaded the nut!

other tthings to try:

(1) get a multimeter, disconnect each z motor, set it to resistance and check and compare the resistance across all combinations of wires on the (not working) motor with the (working) z motor.

(2) connect the (not workng) z motor to the (working) x-axis or y-axis then using the cura 21 control just send “move” commands to test it out.

(3) likewise wire an X motor to the (not working) z motor stepper driver and test that too.

basically you want to narrow down where the fault is, ok?

Check the coupler setscrews. That is often the cause, or occasionally a broken coupler. Rarer issues would be a snapped motor shaft.

Thank you for your responses; luckily it wasn’t a broken coupler or motor shaft. It was debris from prior printing that had stuck to the threading and was causing a jam. I took apart the left side and cleaned everything as much as I could, then raised the motors up and down till it was moving smoothly again. I’ll have to keep an air can ready to prevent this from happening again.