Light for Taz 5??

Any of you guys have a particular light you use for your TAZ? Looking to brighten up the plate a bit.



I use an LED bar I picked up at Orchard Supply Hardware. It takes 2 or 3 penlight batteries. It has velcro and tape adhesive, but also has keyhole cutouts for mounting on screw heads. I designed and printed a mounting plate with two tabs on it, and used the double sided tape to mount that to the underside of the top bar. Then I simply slide the light onto the mount. This way, it is secure, and when I need to change batteries, it just slides off.

I know there are a number of light mount modifications here:

I like mine because it was quick to implement, and I got to design a practical part : )

I use the Jansjo light from Ikea.

JANSJÖ LED work lamp Mount t-slot found on #Thingiverse

I like that Jansjo light. Seems simple.

This may seem a bit of a crude solution but it really puts a great amount of light on the build area. These lights from Amazon. $7

Some foam board, a little solder, a switch and a 12 volt power supply.

The orientation of the foam board prevents the light from hitting my eyes but still projects the light evenly across the entire print area top to bottom. Honestly, it’s as if the printer glowing. Pretty cool… Also notice I stuck a row of the lights on the bottom of both of the upper bars. That alone in the beginning was great. I just wanted more. :slight_smile: You could easily put something like this on in an hour…

Where do you wire the 12 volt source?

You can see my lightbars here:

The parts for them are here:

They are the best solution I have found. If you have an IKEA nearby, they only cost $10.

They provide very nice light for the bed and can be flexed to look at the extruder if you are working on it, changing filament, etc.

I mount the light like this.

And zip tie the switch here.

I use a Jansjo clip-on that shines onto the bed for the time being.

Piercet’s LED strips along the aluminum frame will probably be my final solution (after enclosure). Its clean and low-profile. Additional LED strips along the upright extrusions would probably get more than enough light for the camera.

I like the idea of attaching the Jansjo directly to the extrusion also. Guess I’ll have to print some of those t-nut to try this out.

I have relay switch in a 3d printed box in the back corner of the enclosure that I have wired to the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi and I’m turning my lights on/off by based on the ‘ClientOpen’ event in Octoprint. And as you can see in the picture, I also have a physical switch between the relay and the lights for a manual override.

I used a variety of sources (below) to figure out how to do it.

Cool setpup. A bit too advanced for my tastes :slight_smile: I found a nice 12" bar here

Its 24 volt DC :open_mouth: and not as bright as the tape-on strips. But it’s simple and elegant. Need to throw a switch into the 24v side. (It comes with a switch you can place on the 110vac side, which is a bit silly, but I suspect I can use the same hardware on the DC end.