Lightening TAZ 5 Bed

Now that I have a good grasp on Milling Aluminium with my manual mill and CNC Router, I’m considering removing some mass from the bed. I realize that reducing mass may lead to warping and bending under changing thermal loads but I don’t think it will be an issue. Has anyone done this?

I don’t have any info on the bed milling, but have you milled any of the dual extruder plates? I’ve been slowly working on a MPCNC to make my own since I have enough hot ends and fans to put together a duely, just need those custom plates. Itworks3d does sell them but they seem to go out of stock almost instantly, and quite pricy for the lower bracket ($50).

I’d like to get a 3/16" thick aluminum or copper toolplate made someday, with the back milled out 1/8" with a recess in the shape of the heated bed heater. Keep the edges intact, etc. I’ve also thought of taking that same kind of plate and adding vacuume channels to the surface to allow a plate to be held on via suction.

I haven’t done any dual extruder parts. I’m not a fan of the lulzbot style dual. I can look into making some though.

Do you have a dxf of what you are thinking? I can see what i can do.

not yet, but I could certanly make one!